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Oct 08, 2018 5 comments



Welcome to HENGJIA 

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  • hi i am a fellow angle that is starting to going pro and get my name out. i was wondering if you could send me some of your lures for me to try. i will post them on my social to help support your brand. let me know what you can do. thanks.

    william on

  • hi i am

    william on

  • hi i heard y’all make poppers and i fish a lot and i was just wondering if you could send me a few bags of your lures. let me know what you can do. thanks

    william on

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    Leta Kuhn on

  • Hi Cheng,

    I’m the Production Assistant at the studios of Kevin Harrington, one of the original sharks from the TV show Shark Tank. A current project of Kevin’s is an Omni-Channel Direct Response/Brand Response digital media campaign. He’s looking for relevant products in a variety of categories, including “Outdoor”.

    Kevin’s research team learned of Hengjia Fish and asked me to arrange a time for our Product Manager, Trisha Teto, to speak with you to gather more information about your product(s).

    Ideally, we’d like to arrange a call over the next few days. Please contact me directly to coordinate a mutually available time for the conversation with Trisha Teto. I look forward to your prompt response.

    In the meantime, please visit our website at


    Melinda Moritz
    Production Assistant
    ASONTV with Kevin Harrington
    813-414-5439 Ext 4403

    Melinda Moritz on

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