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Best 20 bass fishing tips for beginners

Dec 26, 2018 0 comments
Best 20 bass fishing tips for beginners

Bass is the most popular name among anglers of North America, because of its high capacity of cat and mouse play. This fish can fight the fishermen till the last bit of its strength. Bass fishing is also popular in South Africa, Australia, and Japan. Bass fishing becomes a fun sport in the angling industry of 115 billion dollars. According to U.S Fish and Wildlife statistics, 43% of freshwater anglers fish for black bass. About 50% of the Americans regularly travel out-of-state to fish. Almost 93% take vacations where fishing is available. An average of 2300$ dollar is spent for hobby by a bass angler.

There are five types black bass is considered in the game of bass fishing. They are large mouth bass, white bass, Guadalupe bass, small mouth bass, and spotted bass. Black bass fishing is all man’s favorite in America. They are the member of the sunfish family. Black bass fishing has a huge fan base, though white bass fishing is also ideal for anglers. They can be found mostly in the South reservoirs. Our target is to demonstrate not only black bass but also white bass fishing tips for your aid. To give you more elaborate view, we will also discuss different season fishing tips, such as fall bass fishing tips and winter bass fishing tips.

The real fact is bass fishing tougher than any other in the sport, and that’s why it’s luring people towards the sport. The bass is a tough fish. It can be larger than 30inch and weighs more than 20lb. The question every angler asks, how do I catch more big bass? The answer is not that easy. You have to collect a lot of information and make it into practical use more and more than you can be a flawless bass hunter. We zipped all our bass fishing knowledge and put together this list of tried and true tips that are sure to make you a more successful bass angler.

20 Bass Fishing Tips For Novice

1.Shredded Bait

If your bait gets torn up, its good news for you. Bass likes to hunt wounded prey. So if they saw shredded bait, they will engage the bait immediately. It will confuse their little brain and help you to get a great catch. Don’t throw your torn up bait. It is useful.

2.Fool The Fish

Use red colored bait or spinners. It fools the fish instantly. They see it as a bleeding fish and grope into the mouth. Especially red color spinners work like a charm in the situation.

3.Skip Your Bait

Try to toss your hook over the bait; this will help you to place your hook in the exact position. A technique like this one will surely help you to put your bait in places like under the logs, grass pad and other hideouts of bass.

4.Sharp Your Hook

Take some time before casting and sharpen your hooks. Bass has hard bonny jaw; in that case, sharp hook helps you to get a better grip on your catch. Sharping hook is a professional’s trick, try to hold on it, and you will see results.

5.Live Well Water Trick

Bass are notorious for their spitting habit, which they are feeding on. Put your bass in the live well, and you can get a close look at their food pattern. From there you can decide what color lure or kind of lure you should use the rest of the day.

6.Find Cover

The most important things among all bass fishing tricks are to find the right place for, where the bass are hiding. Find out their hideouts like including rock, wood, boat docks, grass, lily pads, and a whole lot more. Bass love hang around covers because it helps conceal them and they can easily ambush their prey.

7.Be A Versatile Angler

Always stand on the toe and be ready to make any changes to your tactics. Whenever you feel like the lure is not working, a line is too thin, or you need a better hook, change it. Try different method for bass fishing, because it will sharpen your instincts as a bass angler.

8.Face The Wind

Bass like to swim with the current, so it will be better if you sit facing the wind. Sacrifice some comfort, and you will get an amazing prize.

9.Fish Before The Storm

Bass are not like typical smooth water dwellers. They become active in a windy situation when water becomes more unstable. Don’t be afraid; hang on a few more moments before the storm, and you will have the result.

10.Bug The Bass

You have to force the bass to take your lure. Bass usually hide in their cover, so try to lure them in a different angle.

11.Watch The Water Temperature

Water temperature has drastic effects in bass feeding pattern. Try to give slow moving lures in cold water and fast-moving lures in the warmer area.

12.Learn Knot Tying

You will be frustrated when you lose your bass because of a bad knot in the hook. Learn more complicated knots, until it becomes your second nature.

13.Do Your Research

Researching about the fishing place, its weather, water condition and all other things is a sign of pro Angler. Be a researcher and do your homework before bass fishing.

14.Be Patient

Don’t lose hope, be patient and give some more effort till the last bite, who knows, maybe that last bite will be your trophy.

15.Use Buzz Bait

Buzz bait creates a loud buzzing noise into the water, which attracts bass from long distances. The pros always use buzz bait lures in the big tournaments.

16.Use The Pre-Spawn Time

Both male and female bass comes to shallow water near the shore to make nests and spawning. This happens in the winter season when the water temperature drops 45 to 50 degree Fahrenheit. It is the best time to catch more prominent bass with less effort.

17.Size Doesn’t Matter

The size of your bait doesn’t matter at all. The lure size doesn’t dictate the size of your catch. Large mouth bass usually attacks the lure that is 25% to 50% of its length. If you are not getting any success, try to use smaller baits.

18.Winter Bass Fishing

Best winter bass fishing tips are, cast your bait in the shallow water and use live baits. In the winter bass are always on the move. It’s their breeding season, so live bait is the finest option to catch a big mommy bass in the winter.

19.Fall Bass Fishing

Want a better fall bass fishing tips? Learn what types of food bass eats in the different times of the season. Bass like crawfish in the summer, so use peach – colored patterns and fall they like shad, so use chrome or silver bait. This kind of bait is efficient in any water type in the fall

20.White Bass Fishing

White bass tends to stay in the murky water, where there is some obstacle or hard object that can reflect water current. If you find some bass movement in a specific place, you may try to hold the position because white bass dwells together in the same place.

These bass fishing tips that are described above are enough for any angler to get a fresh start in the bass fishing. Hope this suggestion will make you better as a bass angler. One last thing, always avoid cigarettes, mosquito spray, and strong perfumes because they are bass repellent and Bass can sense acute smell from long distances. You can find specialized bass reel in any store, equip them for the betterment of bass fishing.

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